It has taken me a while to live out my solid oak tables fantasy but now I would consider myself the proudest of owners.Andrew Connor invited me for tea on a Friday after school. Andrew's house was pretty big and not attached to two other houses on either side. All I'd ever known was sitting on the sofa with my dinner on my knees and watching the television; no solid oak tables in and enrich your life today.Solid oak tables have always been a lot more than just tables to me.

Life was too short to let my dinner digest, let alone congregate with my family and talk about our days; I had two hours of daylight left and next-door had a new trampoline. Solid oak tables were where Andrew's mum offered you desserts that she had made all by herself, solid oak tables were where Andrew's Dad told you that he thought were good at football. Solid oak tables represent a number of different things and when I'm in a home that contains one, I always feel as though I am in safe hands. When I bring my family around for dinner and we bow our heads, I am thankful for our health, for our meal, for our life and for solid oak tables. It was weird, trampoline with safety net Andrew's street didn't have loads of mad kids running about or crawling under cars for footballs. People who lived in houses not attached to other houses ate their dinners and lived their lives around solid oak tables and since that day I wanted to too.

Andrew's garden wasn't full of discarded remnants of by-gone fads like pogo sticks and Frisbees and Andrew Connor did not eat his dinner off his knee, he had something called a morning room and in it was the nicest of solid oak tables you could ever wish to see. I was blissful in my ignorance for so long, until I made friends with Andrew Connor. Amen..As a young scamp, probably no older than eleven years old, my life was dictated by playing out, pushing for a later bed-time and visiting my friend's houses.If you wish to know the satisfaction and reliability of a solid oak table then I strongly recommend you visit http://www. That was where it all started; solid oak tables were where Andrew and his Dad spoke about going to watch United that weekend. To fully understand, perhaps I should start by explaining my first encounter with solid oak tables when I was a young boy.