Many parents get their children trampolines for recreational use. However, the average sports medicine specialist now tends to advise against this kind of athletic product. You should find out why and then determine how to reduce the chances of injury.Most injuries occur when there is no adult supervision, so you should make sure you provide this if you want to reduce injuries. However, plenty of young people still get injured when adults are watching, so you should still be cautious when you buy a trampoline. You should also know that most injuries occur when there are several people jumping at once, so try to keep the maximum limit to one child at a time.

In addition, kids who perform tricks, such as flips, tend to get hurt often, which means that ensuring they only jump on the trampoline should reduce the chances of them getting hurt.Another thing that a sports medicine specialist may tell you is that the youngest jumpers usually get the most serious injuries on trampolines. In fact, they are more likely to break bones than people of other ages. This means that having several young children on a trampoline doing flips, all without adult supervision, is a recipe for disaster. However, even having a few young funny outdoor trampoline with safety net kids on the mat while adults supervise can be dangerous.

Purchasing a net that encloses the trampoline may be a good way to keep them from falling out, though it is not foolproof.Of course, fractures are not the only injuries kids can get on trampolines. Many also receive serious bruises from falling. They can also sprain or strain their joints. Plus, when they are not able to properly complete a flip, they can hurt their spines. These issues call for a trip to a sports medicine specialist for treatment, though going to the emergency room first is recommended. Then a specialty doctor can take a closer look at the issue when necessary so that proper treatment can be given. Keep in mind that these are just some of the issues that are seen among children with trampolines.Even kids without trampolines at home might use them at a friend's house or one of the newer businesses featuring several large surfaces for children to jump on. If you let your children use these, you should keep these facts in mind, and also pay close attention to any rules that are posted. This can reduce the risk of injury no matter how old your kids are. Of course, the only way to eliminate it entirely is to keep them off this kind of equipment.