If you are considering getting a trampoline for your child then you have no doubt already realized that kids love bouncing and it is far better to bounce on a garden trampoline Manufacturers mat intending for bouncing than it is on the sofa or bed! There is a wide variety of bouncers available these days - from inflatable bouncers to rebounders for use indoors to large traditional bouncers that sit in the back garden.

Before you purchase a trampoline for your child, there are a few questions to consider: Is it wise to get a trampoline for your child? Do trampolines affect your homeowners insurance? What is the difference between indoor and outdoor trampolines? What are the benefits of bouncing?

Trampolines and Your Child

Purchasing a trampoline for your child can be a wise investment, as trampolines can be therapeutic and also help your children burn off extra energy and help them get to bed earlier and feel calmer.

But getting a trampoline for your child can also be hazardous. Serious injuries can occur with improper use or if the trampoline is cared for improperly. The most common injuries are muscle tears and strains, cuts and scrapes. Always supervise your child while using a trampoline to prevent serious injury.

Trampolines and Homeowners' Insurance

Before purchasing a trampoline for your child, check your homeowners insurance policy, because many homeowners' insurance companies will not pay out for injuries or damage caused by the trampoline. So always check with your agent or your landlord before getting a trampoline for your child.

Another option is to think about a small rebounder that can be used indoors. Though smaller, they can provide many hours of fun, and many of the same benefits. There are not as high off the ground usually only 1ft so the risk of falling off is greatly reduced and the size of the mat means that children can't bounce as high. These smaller trampolines are easier to store, making them ideal for apartments and homes with a small yard. However, you still want to contact your landlord or insurance agent to make sure any injuries or damage sustained will be covered.

What Are Trampolines Good For?

The good news is that trampolines are great therapeutic tools for kids with sensory integration problems or hyperactivity issues.

Bouncing is great exercise for kids primarily because they don't feel like they are exercising when they are doing it. How can floating through the air be exercise?