Why travel hundreds (or thousands) of miles and bust your budget with an over the top vacation when you can have the ultimate summer staycation? Come to our Escape the Netherworld escape rooms and then check out some nearby restaurants and other activities to make a day of your adventure! Located at 2076 West Park Place Boulevard in Stone Mountain, Escape the Netherworld is easily accessible by metro Atlantans and just minutes from plenty of places to eat and play—making it great for a day trip.Book An Adventure Game TodayEscape to one (or all) of Escape the Netherworld’s challenging escape rooms this summer for your Atlanta staycation.Benefits 6ft.8ft.10ft.12ft.14ft.16ft trampoline with net of a Summer StaycationNo rushing: you don’t need to worry about rushing to pack your suitcase, arriving on time for your flight, or hurrying around a new city, state, or country—with a staycation, you can take everything at your own pace.

Enjoy the comfort of your own home: Don’t worry about sleeping in a strange place or booking a hotel—with a staycation you’ll sleep well in the comfort of your own bed at the end of each day. Stay until dark and catch the not-to-be-missed Lasershow Spectacular, full of state-of-the-art digital graphics, lights, music, lasers and epic fireworks, flame cannons, and drones. Visit nearby Mountain Park Aquatic Center & Activity Building, All American Skating Center, or Get Air Stone Mountain trampoline park.Choose Your RoomWe have 3 amazing themed rooms for you to choose from: In the “Haunted” room you must save your family from the supernatural Night Hag trapped in your uncle’s laboratory; your mysterious employer, Van Helsing, has a mission for you in the “Nosferatu” room; and strange howls and growls are heard at your isolated cabin in the “Sasquatch” room.No time lost traveling: You don’t have to spend hours or days driving, flying, or waiting at airports, meaning you have more time to enjoy your valuable vacation days.

Other Nearby Activities Add another attraction to your escape room adventure and turn a regular day into a full summer staycation. Pick your favorite or try all three!FoodGrab a great meal before or after your escape room adventure at one of these great restaurants: Metro Cafe Diner or Huskers Cafe (traditional American), Stone Mountain Pizza Cafe (pizza), El Torero Mexican Restaurant (Mexican), We Got Soul (soul food), The Village Corner German Restaurant & Bakery (German) and Nagano Steakhouse (Japanese). Go hiking or experience awesome views on the sky ride at Stone Mountain Park.